Create a manual playlist on PlayerPro?

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Create a manual playlist on PlayerPro?

Messagepar joejonsme » 24 Mai 2018, 06:18


I recently downloaded the trial version of PlayerPro as I got the Nexus 5 which does not have a stock music player. I love the feel and look of the music player and am considering buying the full version however I am having an issue with playlists. I want to create my own playlist of my favorite songs by adding songs manually but whenever I try to add a new playlist it only lets me add a smart playlist. The issue is I have to set rules (e.g. added within 2 months) which don't suit the songs I wish to add. Is there a way to just create a blank playlist which I can manage manually by adding and removing the songs I want to it instead of having a smart playlist? Could it be that it doesn't let you create manual playlists in the trial version?

Please help.

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